How To Get Water Out Of Your Smartphone Immediately

When you own a smartphone, chances are good that you take it everywhere you go, including the bathroom. This can be awesome when you are sitting down and whiling away your time on a game or an article while going to the bathroom, but a huge disaster when you stand up and your phone goes in the sink or the toilet. Here are some steps that you can follow in order to remove the water from the phone as quickly as possible. [Read More]

Use Smart Voice Service To Stop Bottlenecks In Your Medical Office

Your front desk staff members are probably responsible for keeping the schedule and alerting the nurses that the patients have arrived, yet they spend half the time on the phone answering calls or making calls to remind patients about upcoming appointments. The result? The waiting room gets backed up. Lunch time gets delayed or shortened, and the end of the work day drags out. Meanwhile, patients on the phone have been experiencing long wait times, and some of them became frustrated and hung up. [Read More]