3 Advantages Of Using XPR Radios During Your Next Corporate Event

If you've ever been to a large corporate event, whether it's a one-day seminar or a three-day conference, chances are you've seen XPR radios in action. These two-way radio communication devices are widely used at large events so if you are in the process of planning such an event, you'll want to ensure you have these radios on hand. Here are three advantages of using XPR radios during your next corporate event. [Read More]

2 Steps For Handling Rude Or Angry Customers

The unfortunate truth is not every customer who calls your business is going to be happy. In fact, some of them can be both rude and angry. It is vital for call center agents to learn how to handle rude and angry customers. The advice your mother gave you about treating others who you want to be treated can be applied to this situation. Step One: Remain Calm This is the most obvious first step when a customer uses a sharp tone with you. [Read More]

Connect With Your Clients - Advantages Of A 24/7 Answering Service

The evolving world economy has created an environment where consumers expect to receive service on their time frame without delay. As such, if you own a business that maintains standard hours, it can be a real challenge to meet your customers' expectations without putting strain on your staff or agreeing to sacrifice too much of your precious free time.  Luckily, there are readily available solutions that can guarantee your ability to strike that harmonious balance. [Read More]

How To Get Water Out Of Your Smartphone Immediately

When you own a smartphone, chances are good that you take it everywhere you go, including the bathroom. This can be awesome when you are sitting down and whiling away your time on a game or an article while going to the bathroom, but a huge disaster when you stand up and your phone goes in the sink or the toilet. Here are some steps that you can follow in order to remove the water from the phone as quickly as possible. [Read More]