3 Advantages Of Using XPR Radios During Your Next Corporate Event

If you've ever been to a large corporate event, whether it's a one-day seminar or a three-day conference, chances are you've seen XPR radios in action. These two-way radio communication devices are widely used at large events so if you are in the process of planning such an event, you'll want to ensure you have these radios on hand. Here are three advantages of using XPR radios during your next corporate event.

Two-way Radios Work Better than Cell Phones

While nearly every business professional under the sun owns a cell phone nowadays, they might not be the most effective form of communication when you're preparing for or running your next business conference. Here are a few reasons why:

  • The charge on cell phone batteries doesn't last as long as two-way radio batteries
  • With all of their apps, cell phones can be distracting
  • Cell phones operate on public networks so they are not as secure
  • Cell phones tend to break more easily than more durable two-way radios

One more advantage two-way radios have over cell phones is that there are no coverage limitations and poor reception will never be an issue.

Two-way Radios are Cost Effective

If you are planning on buying two-way radios, you will be glad to know they are cost effective. While there is an initial investment to install all of the proper support for the radio signals, there is no monthly contract to think about. Once you pay for them, they are yours. There is no talk time or minutes that you have to keep track of and you don't have to worry about paying for data. For companies who cannot afford to buy two-way radios, these devices can be rented. This is a great option if your conference or convention is not in the same location as your company or business. 

Two-way Radios Allow for Easy Group Communication

If you have a large group of people you need to stay in constant contact with while planning or running your corporate event, XPR radios are a great option. If everyone in the group needs to hear all the communication, the parties involved simply need to dial in to the same channel. This works much better than having to make individual phone calls to each person. Because everyone in the group can hear one another, there is also less chance of people goofing off and not doing their job.

If you are trying to decide which type of communication will work the best at your next corporate event, an XPR two-way radio is a great option. Contact OneVoice P2T Network if you're interested.